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The Prescient and Ahistoric by C G Barlow

2019 (Published by The Dialogues Press); 86 pages.

Since the financial crash of the early twenty-first century, the art industry has radically transformed. Two important alterations are the emergence of the entretive fair and changes in the demographic formation and conceptualisation of artists and designers. Written in the style of a fictitious interview, between an interviewer called George Leonard and his guest Parallax ‘Art’ Fair, and replacing the term ‘artist’ with ‘entretive’, the book attempts to outline a number of the recent practical and theoretical changes in the art industry through discussing Parallax ‘Art’ Fair’s genesis. But even though radical changes have occurred during the last two decades, perennially entretives struggle to generate income from their practice alone. The History of Art, considered as a form of marketing, and an outmoded educational system are identified as two causes of this situation. But there is hope. As two modes of living jostle at the beginning of the century, the interviewee suggests that it is the newly emerging Ahistoric that is superseding an older Prescient mode. Consequently, this will generate a further metamorphosis in the way that we link entrepreneurialism, pedagogy, and contemporary art production.

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Parallax (exhibition catalogue, 2010)

The original catalogue for the international exhibition “Parallax” includes seven essays; two each by Alun Munslow, Donald Preziosi, Paul Gladston and one by C G Barlow. There is also a foreword, glossary and bibliography. The artists were:  Matthew Collins, Bing-yu Liu (becoming Bing-Li Liu), Adam Reeder, Robert Bodem, Van Rainy Hecht-Nielsen, Sarah Tse, Alexey Golovin, Aaron Camillieri Cauchi, Hywel Pratley, Guangfeng Zhao, Kun Wang, Louise Payne, Pasquale Abbatiello, Carla Richter, and Clarissa James. The exhibition took place, following two pre-exhibitions, at La Galleria on 22nd -27th November 2010. This edition includes the original press release and an exhibition sheet from the first pre-exhibition at the ROA in August 2010.

Catalogue can be viewed for free online. Hard copies available £20.

How To Sell & Market Your Art & Design by C G Barlow

FORTHCOMING. 2020 (Published by The Dialogues Press).

Written by art historian and founder of PAF, Dr C G Barlow, the book argues historically and theoretically why some artists and designers struggle to support their practice full time. It then offers practical steps to help creatives sell their work. It argues that the fabrication of Art History, traditional theories of artistic genius, the formation of a dealer system and pedagogical changes have created a problem where business and creativity are often ideologically divorced. It argues that art understood as a form of personal expression is part of an historical problem and no longer relevant philosophically. Practical topics include: how to data research, account managing, display design, budgeting, developing a sales pitch, closing deals and many more practical tips that will help artists and designers quickly improve their business.

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Setsuko Ono

2018 (Published by The Dialogues Press); 64 pages.

The catalogue represents a selection of art work from a twenty-year period exhibited in Dr Setsuko Ono’s first one-person show in the UK. The exhibitions took place at PAF 2018, Daiwa Foundation and Asia House and were organised by Dr C G Barlow. The catalogue contains three essays by Professor Paul Gladston, Professor Piero Gleijeses and Dr C G Barlow. Ono studied International Relations in Switzerland before working for the World Bank and her art work is often politically charged. She was encouraged in her art production by her brother-in-law, John Lennon, as well as the Havana Biennale in Cuba where she has sculpture on permanent display. The catalogue also contains a chronology of Ono’s life.

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