Help and Hope

(1) Funding sites for artist and designers. Please note that if you are a creative with physical disabilities, we are working at including more accessible information for you but we have included some web links to organisations which focus on artists and designers with disabilities.  

This is an ongoing list and will be updated weekly.







Organisation websites can be followed up for further up-to-date information:


Latin America

Middle East

US & Canada

Canada   [also includes resources for USA]


(2)Facebook group for connections

This is a site for those looking for friends that they may have met during the exhibitions but it can be accessed by any artist or designer. It is an unmonitored group.

(3)Academic Resources


Cited by over 10,000 books and 6000 papers. It is used by John Hopkins University & Medicine as part of their Coronavirus Resource Center:

The data has links to their sources and can be verified.

(4) Email of last resort

Most artists/designers are self-employed. Losing your job is not simply about losing an income. For some, it can involve a sense of losing your identity, purpose, or even meaning. If you are feeling this way, we have set up an email of last resort. We will endeavour to try an offer practical advice and research as best we can if you feel hemmed in by your situation. Sometimes a word of encouragement and hope is vital. This email will be monitored daily.