Elena Abessinova

I am an established artist with over 30 years art practice. I began studying in Kiev/Ukraine at the age of fourteen, but now currently live in Norway. I specialized in graphic design and book illustration. Collaboration with a Swiss publisher, and further work in Switzerland, helped make a name for myself in various genres of figurative art. I can really say that art is my life. I have had numerous solo and international group exhibitions. Last year I won the first prize at the exhibition “Spirit of Art” in Vienna'14. Last year I also focussed a lot on biennales and art fairs. They are a good way to demonstrate one’s own work as well as seeing what is happening on the international scene. I always plan out my booths very carefully with detailed planning like a small solo exhibition.

For Parallax Art Fair I showcased a range of small to large commercial pieces. It was a way to demonstrate the creative level of my art, and it looks more impressive. There were about 30 pictures exhibited at two booths. Three of the large paintings had been selected for the prestigious “Current Masters Book and Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Art” in Las Vegas (2016) and I decided to show them too. I designed a hanging plan and, together with my husband, we took about three hours to hang all the work at Parallax Art Fair.

The time at Parallax Art Fair was very busy! London is also busy! It's a new experience, another atmosphere, flexible and the people very kind!!! It's different from Zurich Art Fair, where I’ve shown, but I like them both.

One can never guarantee that one will sell in any show, but I sent out sixty invitations to London art dealers as I did not have many connections there. I had many visitors at my two booths over the course of the fair. Visitors looking, talking, learning...As is normal in shows the last day was key and six of my paintings were sold: £3,200 and £3,600 for the middle size; one small for £450, and three small for £300. I also sold three of my albums for £70. Is that not great!